Rare Breed Review by LGBTQ Music Charts UK

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1/13/20221 min read

X Factor Semi-finalist, Lorie V. Moore’s first single of the year «Rare Breed» is a product of her sudden growth on TikTok coupled with direct fan engagement.

After allowing access to witness the process in creating this song, Lorie’s followers vocalised support during her live streams and donated to help the Chicago native materialise the official music video which she directed starred and edited. Both the Single and the visual are set for release on 22nd April, 2022. Staying devoted to her fan base, Lorie pays homage by placing elements from her TikTok content like comic relief to tell a complete story.

«Lorie is truly a Rare Breed. As her team, we are elated to be the label that presents this particular piece at this particular time in her career» – Annyett Royale

Longtime friend B. Slade and mentor Tisha Campbell were Lorie’s main industry influences, while the concept of the song itself was inspired by so many of her female-identifying-friends, fans, and supporters. Rare Breed examines the concept of what chivalry looks like today and how women who hold steadfast to their standards may be perceived in today’s environment.

Going beyond normal artist roles and taking on the Directing and Editing of the video, Lorie has developed new skills that have inspired and compelled her to enrol in the Los Angeles Film School where she is now studying Filmmaking. This added talent is sure to bring another dimension and layer to her already unique creative perspective. Be on the lookout for full scale productions from Lorie V. Moore in the future.